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About Our Organization

The Cancer Centerís Clinical Research Program advances the fight against cancer through involvement with clinical trials. In partnership with industry leaders the Clinical Research program keeps us on par with many major academic medical facilities around the country. Through collaborative efforts with all community oncologists, our means patients have access to the newest treatments available and our patient participants have early access to cutting-edge therapies while contributing their own results to the greater pool of cancer research ó resulting in better treatments for future generations. Referred patients in our community have a unique opportunity to meet with a full-time cancer genetic specialist to discuss their concerns and determine their hereditary cancer risk. The Hereditary Cancer Risk Counseling Program aims to help patients and families with a history of cancer better understand and manage their risk for developing the disease through genetic testing and analysis, including a risk assessment test. Results of genetic testing often directly affect the course of treatment, and our Genetic Counselorís involvement with our communityís oncologists and Patient Navigators fosters the timely application of such information into a patientís care plan. Our Patient Navigators serve as liaisons between the patient and the Cancer Centerís various healthcare providers required for proper diagnosis, treatment and disease management. Serving as a consistent coordinator throughout a patientís experience, they assist in a variety of ways including explaining medical information, helping to keep appointments and coordinating insurance needs.

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